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Welcome to, the leading and most innovative company in the construction industry, located in Belgium, in the city Roeselare. Projects differ from apartment buildings, hospitals, nursery homes, as well as unique and large renovation- and restauration projects.

At, we understand the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its ability to enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and minimize risks in the construction process.

We are revolutionizing the way construction projects are designed, calculated and coordinated. When it comes to BIM-integration and innovation (4D-planning and 5D-costestimation), stands out as a true leader in the construction industry.

The roots of go back to the year 1820. Verstraete has tradition that builds her future on innovation and team. Nowadays, is organized around 4 business units: Construction, Renovation/restauration, Real estate and Care.

Check out our mission, vision, strategy and values!

Your challenge

Each new estimating project gives you a boost to go full steam ahead. You get a lot of energy out of unraveling more complex construction projects (usually class 6 to 8) with a wide variety in both new construction, renovation and restoration of both public and private works and not least our own developments.

The innovativeness is not only in the modern BIM related software tools in which you continue to deepen your knowledge, but also in your shrewdness and attentiveness to the construction aspect of each calculation. Deadlines ensure that you and your fellow estimators get the best out of yourselves in order to translate specifications, plans and bills of quantities into a concrete cost estimate and schedule.

Your partners in crime? That is the network of suppliers and subcontractors of the entire


You want to excel, work in a team and sink your teeth into beautiful construction projects.Do you have strong analytical skills, with good self-organization and above all a lot of enthusiasm?

If you are looking forward to sharing your experience with the team, then you are cut from the right cloth for us.That you are structurally trained is obvious. You think at master level, whatever your degree says!

What are we offering?

At, you know you'll enter an energetic work environment.

Challenging! It certainly is!

  • Day in and day out, we work in an environment where it is nice to be: fun projects, table tennis or soccer, frequent training moments to share each other's knowledge and a structure in which direct communication and clear processes are present.

  • Fun projects, which you sometimes take your friends and family to, because that's how special they are!

  • A motivating remuneration policy with numerous fringe benefits such as company car, meal vouchers, a pension savings plan and hospitalization insurance for the family, an optional bicycle lease plan, etc.

  • No stuffy environment! On the contrary, spacious and nicely decorated offices, where there is room for in- and relaxation. You get all the tools you need to succeed in your mission.

Will you contribute to this?

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When collecting and processing your personal data, we always comply with the regulations on the protection of personal data as well as the General Data Protection Regulation ("AVG" or GDPR).

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