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Hybrid (Roeselare)

Welcome to, the leading and most innovative company in the construction industry, located in Belgium, in the city Roeselare. Projects differ from apartment buildings, hospitals, nursery homes, as well as unique and large renovation- and restauration projects.

At, we understand the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its ability to enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and minimize risks in the construction process.

We are revolutionizing the way construction projects are designed, calculated and coordinated. When it comes to BIM-integration and innovation (4D-planning and 5D-costestimation), stands out as a true leader in the construction industry.

The roots of go back to the year 1820. Verstraete has tradition that builds her future on innovation and team. Nowadays, is organized around 4 business units: Construction, Renovation/restauration, Real estate and Care.

Check out our mission, vision, strategy and values!

Your challenge

As a construction sitemanager, you will be present on-site almost 100% of the time. You will translate the building plans into practical execution on the construction site. In this role, you will manage and motivate a team of skilled workers (concrete formworkers, bricklayers, crane operators) and subcontractors for the construction and finishing of apartments, nursing homes, villas, and office buildings.

You will ensure that the construction work is carried out with the highest level of quality within the set timeframe, and you will also contribute to a safety culture on and off the construction site. Preparation is the key to your success!

You will support the project manager in tenders, ordering, correct work methods, site administration, and application of safety measures. You will ensure timely delivery of materials and equipment.

Depending on your experience, knowledge of dutch and your personal ambition, your role might evolve into project management.


We are looking for...

  • A master or bachelor in civil engineering

  • with 3 to 5 years experience as a construction site manager, coôrdinating the works of subcontractors

  • Very proficient in English and Zuid-Afrikaans

  • You have succesfully completed one or more construction projects with focus on shell construction (concrete works, masonry, etc.)

  • Good planning and communication skills, as well as architectural insight, are essential.

  • You are a site manager who also enjoys being involved in project management: long term planning, budget management, and so on.

What do we offer you?

We work every day to be the construction company of the future: with modern technology, BIM, co-creations with engineering firms, architects, and contractors, an inspiring workplace, and driven colleagues. A workplace where it is pleasant to work: a good logistics organization, cool and skilled people, and exciting projects that you can show to your friends and family on the weekend because they are so special! You will join an environment with a flat structure where innovation, open communication, flat hierarchy, and autonomy are central. A motivating remuneration policy with numerous extralegal benefits such as a company car, meal vouchers, a pension savings plan, and health insurance for the family, a bike leasing plan, etc.

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