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Hybrid (Roeselare)

Welcome to Verstraete.team, the leading and most innovative company in the construction industry, located in Belgium, in the city Roeselare. Projects differ from apartment buildings, hospitals, nursery homes, as well as unique and large renovation- and restauration projects.

At Verstraete.team, we understand the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its ability to enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and minimize risks in the construction process.

We are revolutionizing the way construction projects are designed, calculated and coordinated. When it comes to BIM-integration and innovation (4D-planning and 5D-costestimation), Verstraete.team stands out as a true leader in the construction industry.

The roots of Verstraete.team go back to the year 1820. Verstraete has tradition that builds her future on innovation and team. Nowadays, Verstraete.team is organized around 4 business units: Construction, Renovation/restauration, Real estate and Care.

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Your challenge

Would you like to join a team familiar with installing exterior joinery and siding or would you rather seek a challenge in the restoration of existing roof structures? Do you have the fine fingers for finishing solid furniture and interior joinery, or do you enjoy indulging in the assembly of wood construction projects? At Verstraete we have room for you in our team!Together with your colleagues in the workshop, you will work on unique total projects. You are always working in a team on sites in West and East Flanders.


A passion for solid wood! An education in woodworking is obvious. Your desire to excel in it makes you the ideal match!

What are we offering?

At Verstraete.team you will be completely surrounded by colleagues who share the same passion as you. We provide good guidance by surrounding you with experienced professionals.

  • You will find yourself in an environment where you will not only work on wood but also on yourself. You can totally excel!

  • A permanent job with correct remuneration according to the construction sector, supplemented by meal vouchers.

  • Ambition to grow? That is certainly possible! Get to know Verstraete.academy where colleagues share their knowledge and experience.

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